BoFroGames is the hobby of Steve Bogatz. "Bo" comes from the first syllable of his last name and "Fro" is the affectionate nickname of his eldest son.  Naturally curly, or afro style hair is a trait within the Bogatz family.  Melissa Goldsmith Bogatz, Steve's wife and our boys' "mamma" also has naturally curly hair.  Ideas for the games come from the Bogatz brothers, Andrew and Jack, who each enjoy baseball, soccer, everything electronic, and with a little less enthusiasm, their homework.
First and foremost, Steve is a proud, and professionally licensed clinical social worker who has been helping dialysis patients for nearly two decades with the same company.  He has won awards and has served on the Board of Directors for The National Kidney Foundation of CT, The I-Pro Network of New England, and the CT Tourette Syndrome Association.  He also teaches a research course to MSW students at his social work alma mater, Springfield College.  The joy of connecting with people, helping them, and experiencing their appreciation is its own reward.

Programming computers provides Steve with an entirely different sort of satisfaction.  Correctly instructing a machine to do exactly what you want is a very heady experience.  While happiness in working with people comes from valuing imperfection and embracing human unpredictability, computers demand logic and reward their coders by bringing electronic creations to life with all the precision and creativity the programmer can muster.  Thus, Steve enjoys working with people and computers, albeit for very different reasons.  Much earlier in life, Steve earned a BS in Computer Science and Engineering, cum laude and MBA, both from the University of Connecticut. (Go Huskies!)
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